How to Recover a forgotten password to the program Skype

First, let’s describe the situation as described below method will work.
For instance, you forget your password in Skype, but you have it stored in the client skype.
Recover password via the website you can not.
Then this method you the perfect fit.


In older versions of Skype password has been encrypted is very simple. To get started on Skype password stored in the config.xml file for the path% AppData% \ Skype \ login-in Skype.
Sam hash password from Skype was between the tags and 64 characters long. The very way of deciphering was simple. Take the hash of 64 characters and divide by 2.
We get to the end of the segment 2 to 32 characters of which the first is a hash of the password, and the second section of this salt ($ salt)
Then simply import the hash in PasswordsPro program and wait for the results.

Our days.

At the moment of the Skype password hash is not easy to get, maybe, in the new version (with to change the password encryption algorithm in skype. Now there is no tag ,
and has a new tag and new algoritom.
Now it includes a different encryption types and methods: CryptProtectData (), CryptUnprotectData (), SHA-1, AES-256, “FastTrack Cipher”, 1024+ bit RSA

While yes, away from the topic.

So in total there were experts that studied the password processing method in skype and provided combined in one application option for removing password hash from Skype.
The author is very necessary program was dietrich. The path of action is as follows:
Firstly, you will need to download Skype Hash Dumper application to retrieve your encrypted password from the system.
If a file operation will swear antivirus or firewall, then temporarily allow this work.
The Internet does not address file, so that you experience is not necessary, if you wish, you can download the source code to test the link.
Second, save the file and extract themselves. Then, run the file and paste start.bat to skype_dump.exe text and press ENTER.
After that, through the RMB (right mouse button) copy the hash found
Third, prepare an order on the page, not forgetting that the hash format will be as follows: hash: login to-Skype.
for example: 78ae4a266e0527fdf5677fb5cd0a7159: progamer